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Server rules

When we started the servers we decided to have a few rules in place, nothing too heavy, but they are there for a reason so please pay attention to them and follow any warnings/directions given by admins.

1. No spawn killing or reverse spawn killing

2. No camping spawning players/ teleport points

3. No foul language or sprays

4. No whoring the one weapon.

5. No mining teleports/spawn points.

6. Players facing the wall are in chat, let them move from chat


When you spawn, move away from play, let spawning players move, there is no need to go after the easy cheap kill.

Excess foul language or sprays will not be tolerated

No whoring the one weapon, change often and learn to use something other than the 357

Mining teleports or spawn points is lame and not allowed.

Mag zoom is really feckin lame do not do it ever.

Admin’s will give a warning in chat, if you continue it will be followed by a kick and after that a ban if required. If you are banned chances are you are a repeat offender you can contact me on the email on the home page but in general bans will NOT be lifted.