What is [B.n.B]

What does [B.n.B] stand for I hear you ask? Well it is But n Ben, not Bums n Butts or Butt and Bend or any other concoction that you can think of. But what is a But n Ben, I hear you ask? Well it is a small 2 roomed cottage in Scotland made famous in the Broons comic strip from the Sunday Post. My hometown is Dundee, the land of Oor Wullie, The Broons, The Dandy, The Beano etc. This is where we get the Logos, Bot names etc. from. We will remain Scottish themed on the Servers through Bot Chat, triggered sounds etc.

For those that wonder what we are talking about in chat please go to the translation page and have a wee read there.

The aim of the [B.n.B] Clan

Our aim is to provide a fun place to play, we are not interested in catering for Pro players, we will not be a training ground for them. If new players join we are more than willing to help them out, after all we were all "noobs" at one stage, not naming any names but some of us still play like noobs.....hha.


We will keep producing new maps for this game for as long as we can, until the ideas dry up. We have "special" maps for Halloween and Christmas, these play only during the relevant holidays or when an Admin is in a "funny" mood and wants a Xmas map in June.

The Future

Sorry I do not own a crystal ball so wait and see what happens

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